Fur farmers in Finland have been selectively raising foxes to be at least five times larger than a normal fox.  Animals used for fur already suffer enough in their miserable cages before being brutally killed, now they cannot even move much or stand up because of their grossly overweight bodies and weak legs.  Also, systematically, their eyes appear to be infected. The Finnish government has said that  fur farmers do not even need  to give them water in the winter.  Furthermore, they will not do anything to improve the animals' quality of life.    PS:  In general, fur bearing animals are never vetted  because it is less expensive to let them die  than to  pay for veterinary services.

Why?  The Finnish fur farmers can use one single fox to produce at least 5 times de amount of fur than by killing normal sized foxes.  Their greed has made them devoid of any compassion for the very sentient beings that are enriching them.  Even more worrisome are these facts: 

1) Finland is cooperating with the Chinese fur industry. and at this point, they
    might be already negotiating with China to export these poor monsters to
    Chinese fur farmers. 
2) One cannot guarantee that they aren't planning to export these specimens
    to be raised on fur farms around the world.

INEVITABLE CONSEQUENCES: Arctic fur which is now unaffordable to many, will be cheapened out so most people can afford it.  This means prices will not longer be an obstacle and the fur trade will have won the battle.   QUESTION:  Would a government that accepts this type of immorality in their own country not consider selling it to other countries? 
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Jari Leppä, Animal Welfare; Timo Soini, Foreign Affairs Minister, Antti Häkkänen Minister of Justice, Jussi Niinistö Minister of Defence, Anu Vehviläinen Minister of Local Government and Public Reforms,  Sanni Grahn-Laasonen Minister of Education, Sampo Terho Minister for European Affairs, Culture and Sport, Jari Leppä MInister of Agriculture and Forestry, Mika Lintilä Minister of Economic Affairs, Jari Lindström Minister of Employment, Pirkko Mattila Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Annika Saarikko Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services, Kimmo Tiilikainen Minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment; Risto Lahti; Tuula Hedlund

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was shocked to learn about the "Frankenstein" methods being used by fur farmers in Finland to produce monstrous looking foxes that are bigger and weigh 5 times more than a normal fox in the wild.  The poor animals with bent legs and often with eye infections cannot do as much as walk around their miserable cages.  It is shocking that a country which calls itself civilized can so grossly disconsider the ethics that are applied to all sentient beings on our planet.  All for greed.  You are not only selling yourself cheap at the expense of innocent animals, but you are also bringing your country down to the same level as those of savages.  Surely, a large percentage of Finns are against such immorality, and yet you are not paying attention to their call.  Instead, you are purposely inflicting pain and discomfort on innocent victims which you use to become rich.  The least you could do is to observe some ethics to treat them with a minimum of decency and compassion. 

ADDITIONALLY.  You have accepted and stated that fur farmers do not even have to give water to the animals during the winter, and they must survive with snow and ice.  You ought to try that on yourself and your family to see just how "refreshing" it is.

Fur farming is highly unethical because fur animals were born to be free in the wild despite the fur trade's claims that it is OK because they are born in captivity. If you were born in captivity, you would still have human instincts and still suffer terribly. 

We ask that farm animal welfare is taken seriously in Finland. In addition we demand that the criminalities and flaws inside the fur industry be brought to an end.
Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely,

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Finland's production of "Frankenstein"
Foxes.  Why must we be concerned?
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The attached letter addressed to the Finnish ambassador was hand delivered and signed for at the Finnish Embassy.  Click on the document to read the letter.