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The Fur Free society is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, registered with US government, and its ID number is 81-4384869. It is  comprised of a global alliance of dedicated volunteers whose primary goal is to bring to an end the inhumane treatment of fur bearing animals worldwide. Each year, close to one billion fur bearing animals are mercilessly tortured and killed in fur farms or trapped in the wild for their fur, and skin, while many are used in bloodsports. In addition to wild animals, cats and dogs, as well as other domesticated animals, are likewise exploited for fur, meat and leather in Asian countries where they later make their way to American and European markets where the use of such animals is prohibited. In such cases, their skins are falsely marketed as “leather” or “faux fur” to unsuspecting customers.

The heart of our effort lies in educating people around the globe regarding the inherent cruelty of the fur trade, employing a diverse range of methods and strategies to further our cause. These include: 1) Lobbying congress to enact laws designed to protect all fur bearing animals from exploitation on fur farms and in the wild; 2) Assisting Chinese animal rights groups to reduce stray cat and dog populations via spaying/neutering so as to diminish the suffering and victimization of these animals, many of whom end up in the meat/fur trade.  More: People4ChineseAnimals.org

We started our groups in 2004 and because of the large spectrum of fur bearing issues that we began covering, we found ourselves developing several groups and websites to better serve our mission.   These groups include primarily: The AntiFurSociety.org; People4ChineseAnimals.org; and the  AFSConference.org, all of which have been successful and are now united under the newly formed Fur Free Society.  Below are some of our accomplishments.

Fur is a staple of the fashion industry and is exhibited at almost every major fashion event around the world. In order to provide an alternative, in 2015 we successfully established the very first “Cruelty Free Fashion Show” in Manhattan, NY, the famed center of fashion week. Our event, which will take place annually, is designed to provide a platform for ethical designers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and other fashion industry professionals to showcase their work, and promote fur free, cruelty free options. The event is held at the same day of the “fur free conference,” described below.  More:  AFSConference.org

First held in 2011, The Fur Free Conference, now an annual event, is designed to gather support for the cause by uniting likeminded animal lovers and activists under one roof. The conference features guest speakers, exhibitors, and vendors, who are brought together to support one another’s ongoing efforts, as well as to inspire fresh methods for helping our animal kin.

The key to a better world for all living creatures begins with the future generation, therefore, we are committed to educating children about kindness and compassion towards all animals.
In 2012, the Fur Free Society proudly published its first children’s book, written by its founder (Rosa Close), titled: How the Little Fox Saved Her Coat. The heart-warming tale of love and friendship between a fox and a group of school children is available in six different languages, and is aimed at teaching children to love and respect all living creatures. The book has been donated to groups throughout in China, have sold many copies at conferences and other events and it's being adopted by teachers for their humane education classes.  For more information, or to purchase a copy of the book, please go to LittleFoxBook.com

Maintaining a cyber community comprised of dozens of different anti-fur and animal rights based social media and online groups, we reach over 2 million people a week, and successfully inspire vast numbers of people to adopt a more compassionate lifestyle. As we move forward with further online based projects, we intend to reach an even greater audience, and hope to convert an even greater number of people. Check out our social media links on this page: Take Action

The main goal of the Fur Free Society is to educate people around the globe of the extreme suffering endured by fur-bearing creatures. By doing so, we seek to encourage individuals to make conscientious decisions before purchasing items that are produced as a result of the pain and torment of innocent creatures. We intend to continue collaborating with animals’ rights based organizations around the world for the purpose of uniting the compassionate majority. Furthermore, we will also persist with our promotion of artificial and ethical materials in fashion, because there is simply no excuse for animals to suffer for our vanity.

Animal cruelty is humankind’s ill-conceived notion of superiority, and as a result, thousands of species are becoming endangered, or are going extinct each year due to legal and illegal hunting and poaching. Humankind is destroying the future of many animal species, as well as the future of this planet- which is now in the middle of its sixth MASS EXTINCTION. Unlike past extinctions which were brought on by natural phenomena, the catastrophe we face today is almost exclusively manmade. We are, therefore, in the unique position of being the only generation capable of reversing this.

Help us at Fur Free Society to motivate this change by adopting and promoting cruelty free living.

The question is not, “Can they reason?” nor “Can they talk”?” but rather “Can they suffer?”- Jeremy Bentham
AFS Conference
September 15, 2018

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Exhibited & made presentations at the Green Festival in NY June 10-11
Cli Oxford University Animal Ethics conference in the UK
July 23 - 26
Made presentations on Fur farm pollution + Fur Trade's endocritination of Children

OxfordAnimalEthics.com/Summer Conference2017/

On Friday, August 25, 2017, Fur Free Society, Inc. filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regarding repeated violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act by Ruby Fur Farm, Inc. from the end of 2016 through July  2017.  We are asking the USDA
to impose the maximum possible fine of $13.75 million ($10,000 per animal  affected, per violation) and to terminate any and all licenses held by Ruby Fur Farm Inc. A copy of complaint and the USDA inspection reports are attached. 
Exhibited at the Animal Rights Conference 2017 inn Washington DC
The petition was addressed to the Pope.
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PRESS RELEASE:  newswire.com/news/hawaii-set-to-ban-fur-20784248